Hair is Art

ANNE VECK’S NEW CAMPAIGN! HAIR IS ART! Hairdressing should be ethical / hairdressing should be sustainable / hairdressing should be art / your hair should be beautiful!

Hairdressing is a very often underrated art medium, seen by many as a purely functional (and fashionable ) service. But this is not so. One needs only look at some of Vidal Sassoon’s iconic images of precision cutting to see, hairdressing is an art form all unto itself. The practice of cutting hair and styling, doing so perfectly is an art, but there also the entire Avant-garde side of the industry, that allows hairdressers to truly use hair as a canvas. They manipulate it as if it were material, change its properties, paint it… And the results can be magical.

Anne is one such hairdresser. Every year she produces a new Avant-garde collection, each more incredible than the last. So much so that the Errata Museum of Modern Art in St.Petersburg requested some of Anne’s images for an exhibition.
Anne is also taking part in Oxford Art Weeks this year, in collaboration with Dirty French Girl Jewellery, and hosted by the Oxford Jam Factory. The Jam Factory often has beautiful art exhibitions by very talented artists, both AV and DFG are excited to work with them, and vice versa.

If you guys wanted a chance to meet Anne, ask her more about her creative and artistic endeavors, she has a few opportunities popping up:

-Pro Hair Live in Manchester on 24th February you can find her on the Fellowship Stage.
-On the 27th April Anne will be hosting a Creative Day at Salon Concepts in Weston Super Mare.
-Anne will be presenting her Avant-garde creations at Hair UK at NEC Birmingham for the Hair & Beauty Charity on 4th May.

Read the Anne Veck manifesto!

by Chloe Mellen aka Dirty French Girl

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