Festive hair trends to help wave farewell to 2020!

My dear Lads and Lassies, the end of 2020 is fast approaching (thank God!), but before we say good bye to this somewhat complicated start of the new decade, and banish it to our rearview mirror never to be thought of again, let us not forget the upcoming festive season! Anne Veck Oxford has now reopened for December, to make sure you guys are groomed to perfection for the 25th. So I thought I’d write a little something about a couple of fun festive hair trends to say good bye to 2020 with a memorable stylish bang!

1. GLITTER!!!!! When is glitter not appropriate? Never in my opinion! But I totally love this cool trend I’ve noticed of braiding your hair, and putting loads of glitter along your parting!!!! Festive, shiny and hides any roots if you have them!!!
Or just sprinkle the glitter all over for an over all shine, good vibes and maximum spreading of festive joy!

2.PARTY HAIR ACCESORIES! This December, get your hands on some cosmic hair jewels, pretty pearl barrettes or celestial pic n mix hair clips for a more pagan vibed celebratory look! The great thing about hair clips and barrettes is they can basically be worn with any hair style, cut, crop and colour! They also make pretty cool gifts, so when you’re getting some for yourself, grab a few extra for your bestie, mama, or sister!
(Check out my instagram @dirtyfrenchgirl for some crazy fun pop art style hair clips iv started making!)

I really really hope you will try a few of these styles! Easy to do at home, with whatever crop or colour we have done for you in the salon! And please, if you do, post a pic on the gram and tag us (@annevecksalons) so we can see how banging you all look!

Have a great December!

All the love
DFG and the Anne Veck Team.


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