Feel Good Haircare to combat the lockdown neggies!

So, here we are again in another lockdown… which is not great.
Silver lining IT SURELY IS the beginning of the end, with three vaccines hitting the streets, and the UK, Europe and the World developing plans to stick everyone with a needle as fast as humanely possible!

But if you are feeling the lockdown neggies, and your morale isn’t as positive as it could be, remember that 1. SURVIVING 2020 (and 2021) is ENOUGH! Dealing with our mental health is difficult in normal non pandemic apocalyptical times, so at the moment, getting up every morning and just acknowledging that you are here and not gone totally bat shit crazy, well that is success!!! and deserves a reward.. So why not treat yourself to some feel good haircare, and let the pampering take away those negative thoughts!

Davines has a range of awesome hair masks to choose from!!! No matter what you hair type, Davines has the perfect product to pamper it. Check out what we have in the online shop HERE, or email us at oxford@anneveckhair.com with any questions!

Know someone that needs that special little something to look forward to, so they can get through these tumultuously odd days that we are now living in? Why not treat them to an Anne Veck Voucher, so they know they can look their absolute best in no time once this is all over! Or if you want a more instant, tangible gift, check out Anne Veck’s resident jeweller Dirty French Girl for banging swaggerific designs to make you drool! (she even has ten percent off for all of February with the code twenty10off)

Whatever you are doing during this lockdown, we can’t wait to see you once we are allowed to open our doors!!!


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