Dudes of Davines-Which products are best for male grooming?

Davines is a typically gender neutral company. It does not say “for women” or “for men” on its product labelling, leaving it to the discretion of the consumer to purchase and use whichever products they feel most comfortable with. But although these labels are on the decline for many reasons, many of us still rely on them to figure out which products we need and should use. So to help all our dashing dudes at Anne Veck Oxford, I have compiled a little list of the best Davines’ products for male grooming.

If you have short hair, two great products to use for styling would be the Davines Strong Moulding Clay and Davines Dry Wax. Both of these must be applied to dry hair and are great for textured, matt finishes whilst still providing definition for a great look.
The main difference between the two is that the Strong Moulding Clay will hold you hair in place more than that Dry Wax, the latter allowing more movement and the potential for your style to change a bit throughout the day. So really it is up to you which you prefer, we can even have a look together at Anne Veck Oxford, and compare them for you in person.
But if you like to style your hair more for volume than hold, the Davines Pliable Paste is the one for you. It allows a lot more movement toward the mid section and tips of the hair than the Clay and Wax, but still hold the roots in place, for a much more fluid style.

Men also typically have coarser hair, and if you’d like to soften this, we recommend shampoos and conditioners that help soften the hair from the root downwards. Davines’ Nourishing range is great for this! They have a shampoo, conditioner and mask all designed to help coarser, more brittle hair regain is luster by rehydrating the scalp, and nourishingly cleansing the hair.

The “hipster” beard trend, once thought to be a passing fad, has now cemented it place within the walls of men’s fashion, and thus the male grooming market is full of non-greasy oil formulas, to condition, soothe and soften the beard and skin beneath. Although not specifically designed for beards, Davines’ OI Anti Frizz Oil works wonders! It helps thicken and soften the beard, and as its formula encourages growth, if you happen to have a slightly patchy beard, it will allow it to even out.

I hope these recommendations have hit the mark and help, we have many more amazing eco friendly Davines products in salon, so please do ask your stylist for more information next time we see you! or buy now at our shop!

Stay safe.

Dirty French Girl

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