Colours of the autumn, this strange 2020…

Traditionally, autumn is the time of year we all start to fall head over heels for the same colours of the season: reds, browns, warm darks yellows etc…
But this year, maybe as a result of having had to spend a quarter of the year locked away, unable to show off our hair to anyone, the trends seems to be a tad different. Rather than just warm colours, the palette has widened to include any colour of a pastel nature.

Khloe Kardashian has been rocking the pastel pink toner on her blond hair, and Kim, who rarely strays from her signature dark hair, has gone for a slightly stronger pink tone.
Amanda Stenberg (Hunger Games) has been rocking these bright pastel blue braid extensions, that are just the coolest… and Demi Lovato went from long, dark curls to an short, edgy bob with the tips of her hair dyed lime green…

So this autumn don’t be afraid to do something a little different and stand out… celebs are doing it, so be the A lister on your street and bring a bit of Hollywood home!

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By Dirty French Girl

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