Colours and crops that make the 2020 cut!

The thing with summer hair is that unless its easy, fast and sweat-proof, no one is buying! So I have made it my mission to compile a lil list of trends I’m eyeing up, that are pretty and practical!

1. The Messy Updo.
The slightly elevated, messy bun, has a lot going on. Tendrils of hair spilling out, waves of colour, and it is super easy to execute. Get yourself the Davines Sea Salt Spray, to help gently hold it in place, and you are ready to rock to summer runway!

2. The two tone summer hair color.
Follow in Dua Lipa’s pop star footsteps, and check this anti-ombre trend. You don’t even need to worry about styling this look, almost the messier the better, and its a great way to let your natural roots grow out! Use Davines’ Alchemic shampoo and conditioner, with colour pigments that intensify and brighten both your natural and cosmetic colour to keep this look hot af!

3.Curls and Waves.
Do yourself a favor and stay away from sleek and straight styles! Choose styles that focus on volume and body, so that the summer heat accentuates your look! Davines do a great line of products called “Love Curls” to help with just this.

4. The Beach Braid
There’s a reason this summer hair trend is such a crowdpleaser: Sleek ponytail braids are a genius solution to any unwanted flyaways and frizz, and also look good with messy hair too. This style is definitely easier for long hair, but shorter lengths can recreate it by starting with a lower base!!! Anne recommends Davines’ Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid to help with this look!

5.The Tiny Summer Bob.
Play up the volume and body with Davines’ Dry Texturiser to keep you tiny bob bubbling and enjoy a sweat free neck this summer. Or don’t do anything at all. The perfect beauty of this look lies in its total low maintenance vibe!

Hope my little list of hot hair tips has helped,
Stay safe, stay sane,
Lots of love from the AV team!

by Dirty French Girl aka. Chloe Mellen

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