Calm those curls so you can really go crazy this summer

Want to smooth that frizz and calm those curls? Look no further, we have what you you need!

You will have heard of the Brazilian Blow Dry (the name is somewhat unforgettable for all the wrong reasons lol), a product and service used to eliminate frizz and smoothen out those unruly curls. However, BBDs are typically full of harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your hair in the long run and don’t do our mother earth any favours either! So here at Anne Veck we use Nanokeratine System – NanoSmooth Pure, which contains 0% formaldehyde and 0% aldehyde. The company has also invested a lot of time and research into creating a fantastic product that does not damage the planet!

How does it work?
We start by shampooing your hair, twice, with the special Nanokeratin Shampoo. We the dry your hair, and apply the NanoSmooth Pure and comb your hair every 10 minutes. Afterwards, we rinse your hair, and blow dry it. Then with a flat iron we straighten your hair. After this, we shampoo your hair again and apply the NanoMask, and once we have combed this through and it has taken effect, we dry and style your hair however you wish.

Will my hair be completely straight?
No. You will not end up with the stick straight Japanese look of the 90s. NanoKeratin keeps your natural texture, but removes all the frizz, calms the curls and makes it more manageable.

Will it work on my hair?
Nanokeratin works on all types of hair, regardless of length, thickness and history. But, like any service, make sure you ask your stylist for more information, so you understand the full implications of the service and have realistic expectations of what can be achieved.

-How do I maintain my hair?
NanoSMooth is a fantastic low maintenance way to have silky smooth hair that looks like you’ve spent hours styling it. The treatment can last up to 12 weeks (sometimes longer, depends how often you wash your hair). NanoSmooth embraces your natural textures, so even as your hair grows, the gentle formula does not weigh your hair down, so it will look glossy and beautiful the whole time.
We recommend not washing your hair for three days after your treatment and then using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners when you do (ask our awesome stylist about which of our beautiful Davines products would be best for you) for maximum efficiency and durability.

Is it safe?
YES! NanoKeratin System prioritises not only the planet, but your hair’s safety!

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