A bit of Self Love never hurt Nobody!

Dear strong women and brave men, in the light of another month or so of lock down it is easy to loose hope and give into despair. The strap line “what even are jeans” is taking over the internet, and sweat pants are becoming our new signature style. Personally, I have been feeling a bit down myself this past week, and have had to remind myself it is ok to not always be completely ok, and give myself a new routine to keep my spirits high.
Routine helps us cope with change, it helps to create healthy habits, and more importantly, it helps to reduce stress levels. When your life is organized and set in a routine, you know exactly what to expect. This takes out the guessing of what is coming, alleviating the symptoms of anxiety. And what times are more uncertain than now, dueling for toilet paper, and hunting for eggs, dreaming of the days of old when we could hug our friends!

So every day now I wake up, I make sure I am up by 8.30am (to avoid the shock of reality when real life picks up again), and I cook breakfast. I actually take my time to cook eggs, have a toasted bagel, and make myself a tasty pot of coffee. The little things that make life worth living and make me look forward to breakfast.
I watch the news or a bit of netflix and relax for about an hour.
And then, and this is where you may think I am silly, but 3/4 days out of seven I put on a bit of make-up and get dressed. It is easy to think that I am being vain and think it is pointless to try and look good at the moment, but even in normal times, when I get dressed and made up to go to work it is for myself, not for anyone else… I mean half the population (men) can’t even tell when a woman wears make up anyway. And this is the same. Self-confidence is built on feeling comfortable in your own skin. If you like to wear make-up go for it, if you don’t like it, you don’t need to wear it! You need to be able to look in the mirror and smile at yourself.
The rest of the day, for me, is spent being creative and exercising.

This is the routine that bring me joy, confidence and self love. It may not/probably will not be the same for you, but it is important to find something to keep you going and smiling. You should be happy every time you see your reflection, not because you are self-absorbed, but because you have self-love.

Anne has even posted a great little video on the salon Facebook page, with great tips to make your hair feel extra in these less that favourable times!
Facebook Video
If you like what you see, you should check out the AV shop to get your sticky fingers on some of the fab products she mentions! Anne has even started sending out goodies to clients, hand delivering on her bike if she thinks the post might loose her parcel!
Anne Veck Shop

So, my beautiful blog readers, stay safe, stay sane, stay home.

by Dirty French Girl

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