Autumn wedding trends to make you *Fall* this 2020!

Timeless and seasonless, boho chic will always be a wedding fan favourite! More of a vibe that a specific look, it can be achieved with a messy half up, half down, casual plait or just volume with the right hair accesory!!! Rustic is in vogue for weddings this season so why not add some beautiful dried flowers and leaves to your chosen boho style to match the colours of your wedding?!
Soft Ribbons have also been a very popular look recently, so if you like a more simple, pony tail type style, why not tie this knot with a beautiful long ribbon, once again, matching your wedding, venue and dress’ colours scheme?

Taking a cue from the Giambattista Valli runway, mini ornate veils are full rage! But bigger is not always better, and there is nothing lesser about these beauties: maybe unconsciously mirroring the smaller wedding trend of 2020, these mini veils are still totally fabulous! Covered in pearls, embroidered with flowers, or simply going for a more extravagant color, the beautiful bridal vibes you’ll be putting out with one of these will be extra!

And what about colour? Autumn is rich in ornate oranges, bushy browns, and crimson colours! So why not get some highlighted, natural looking ombre effect for your fall wedding, to make your hair even more on trend for the big day?

Whichever style you go for, we look forward to seeing you and we know you will look stunning! Have a great day.

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