Anne Veck’s Answers on Autumn Trends

Hi Anne, how are you today?

-I’m great thanks! I’v spent a fabulous day in my atelier working on some wigs, I have been practising making front lace wigs. I then went for a long cycle and now I’m looking forward to a big dinner, that I’m getting my hubby to cook 😀

So, lets get straight to it. Summer was great and all, but what has all this sun actually done to our hair?

– Well, you know how when you go in the sun your hair gets lighter? It’s a bit like a natural bleach. Prolongued exposure to the sun’s UV and UVB rays damage the outside of the hair, the cuticle. So it gets lighter, which can look nice. But it also causes dry hair, makes it brittle and causes it to break into split ends, which can make it look thin and frizzy. And no one likes dry, thin and frizzy hair. And with all this sun, we’ve been bathing more. Either in swimming pool or going to the beach, so our hair has had increased exposure to chlorine and salt!!! Both of these make the hair even dryer. SO basically the sun was great and all, but we’ve been sort of sucking the life out of our hair…

Oh dear…Ok, this is a salvageable situation right? We’re not stuck with straw ends on our heads until it fully grows back?

-Of course its salvageable haha! Next summer I recommend going swimming with a leave in conditioner or a mask on your hair, the “greasiness” provides extra protection, similarly to how water rolls off duck feathers, the water, hence chlorine and salt, will roll off your hair. And all the while our hair will be absorbing all the conditioning goodiness from the product! It’s a win win.

Well it’s a relief to know our hair is going to be ok ;). Winter is coming, as they say, but before the bitter ice cold sets in, what autumn trends do you see being most popular in the coming months?

– Au Natural is the theme for AW19/20 and colour is moving away from the shocking brights and bolds of the past. Freehand balayage, and lighter strands painted around the face is still reigning strong to mimic hair lightened by sunshine, using the blended root effect for a more natural grow out. Less dramatic colour means less commitment. Customers can change their hair hue more often! The subtlety of faded pastel hair will be part of this reaction against big and bold colour: a wash of colour, as opposed to a saturated covering. It’s less of a commitment and looks more like a little blush on the hair. Model Ariela Soares rocked a light-blue hue for the Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 runway show – which I admired for its understated feel. Subtle tones will be bigger this season, as hair colour mirrors the gentleness of water colour paintings; colour strokes merging and melting into one another with a mixture of stronger brush strokes on a palette of mellow natural tones. Dirty Brunette: The tousled, natural appeal of dirty blonde is migrating to darker hair this season. It’s now the turn of dirty brunette to be in the limelight. Steering away from either side of the icy or warm spectrum, this well-crafted and well-placed colour technique looks effortless and natural, focusing on the steady middle of neutral shades. It works best on naturally brown bases, incorporating dark blonde ends and subtle thin panels throughout the hair for an understated smoky vibe. And it’s perfect for giving natural depth. ‘Dimension’ is the word of the season. Start away from the root, focusing on a bit more ‘pop’ at the ends. It’s about accentuating the natural hair with kisses of lighter tones – brilliant for an autumnal transitional shade. In the salon, we’re using ‘The Magnet’ from Revlon, an amazing shine enhancer which removes heavy metals and pollutants that have crept into the strands, bringing it to shiny life again. We mix this pollution neutraliser with colourant to enhance tone and protect against damage.

And what about hair cuts? I tend to lean towards sharp short bobs and a thick fringe myself… I hope I wont look totally off trend and uncool lol…

– No, I think you will be totally fine 😉 Whilst colour goes gentler, cuts get edgier. The blunt bob will gain more popularity in the coming months as shorter hair continues the reaction against perfect styling. Punchy and punky crops with broken lengths are the power looks of the season. Combine these shorter locks with products that produce a dry finish. Invisible styling and invisible finishes are the key to keeping it simple and statement. Chop hair at the jawline to make it appear fuller and as thick as possible. The style works best on straight hair but can be altered for every face shape. Jawline cuts give volume on the sides to counteract long face shapes, but if you want to create length in a rounder or more angular face shape, leave the length longer. Whilst not going back to the shaggy, feathered style made famous by Farrah Fawcett, mid length hair still weaves in all of the looseness, independent and free-spirited feel of 70s women finding their groove. Expect to see raw edges – not super clean cut – but weighty long bobs that sit between the jaw and collar bone. This one in particular is a great in-between cut for anyone who’s transitioning from a shorter to longer length because the layers keep hair from looking too heavy.  For curly hair, apply a curling cream product like Style Masters Fanaticurl, twisting the curls, helping them along with a diffuser or letting them air-dry. Finish by separating the curls with your fingers and sine it up with a bit of Orofluido Oil.

Well thank you Anne for all this! Some great tips for our readers and myself 😛

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