All about Relaxer

What does a Relaxer do ?

Many clients with Afro hair opt to have their hair relaxed because not only do they like the look of it straight but they find it much more manageable!

Having your hair relaxed, simply put – refers to having a solution applied to the hair in order to ‘relax’ the natural curl of the strands in order to make it straight.

The curl of the hair is reduced because similarly to a perm, the solution alters the chemical structure of the hair –  causing the hair fibre to resist it’s natural curl.

Relaxer is available in a range of strengths meaning that  even ‘very resistant’ tight curly hair can be relaxed. Lots of clients prefer to have their hair relaxed as it shows off the length which can be disguised by the curls.

What makes African-Caribbean hair unique?

Afro-Caribbean hair can be very difficult to maintain. The tight curly texture looks beautiful when left natural but some find the hair care too demanding.

Afro hair strands are typically more brittle and prone to damage & the coiled shape also means that hair tangles and knots easily which can take a lot of time to undo…no good if you’re late for work!

Afro-Caribbean hair also has the least cuticle layers and so is more affected by chemicals and bleaches. This means that Afro hair is extremely sensitive and can be prone to damage, so safe relaxing must always be undertaken professionally and a professional hair care routine followed.




Is it for me?

A lot of people feel that their hair never looks as good as when it has been relaxed and simply won’t do without it! If you do decide that you’d like to have your hair permanently straightened and continue to maintain it then in order to ensure that the hair remains straight and manageable you have to invest in the proper hair care to keep the condition.

You must get into a routine of keeping hair moisturised as the chemicals involved in relaxing can be very drying to the hair. Use a deep conditioner weekly and invest in a good leave in conditioner for daily spritzing. A reconstructing shampoo and conditioning routine should be used following your relaxer and heat should be avoided . At Anne Veck we use and recommend  Avlon Affirm and texture release ranges.

Straight relaxed hair can be yours (as long as your hair is assessed as suitable) but just make sure you can commit to giving it the proper care or you could seriously compromise the condition!

How long will it last?

The idea that a relaxer ‘lasts’ any amount of time is actually incorrect!  The hair that has been relaxed is chemically altered permanently. Once relaxer has been applied to the hair the processed hair will never ‘wear off’ or regain its natural texture.

As your hair grows out regrowth will appear & then you will see your natural texture come back – but only on the new hair!   

Sometimes people mistake under processing for hair going back to its natural curl . If the hair is not professionally relaxed it can be very difficult to cover all areas and after the blow-dry or straightening has worn off some curls may be left over. In order to assure a thorough job always go professional!




Will it damage my hair?

While getting your hair relaxed by a professional may be more expensive than a home kit, it’s really the only option to keep hair safe! Putting any sort of chemicals on your hair yourself is risky, it requires careful attention and skill to make sure your lengths are kept in tact.

 First off your hair must have a “strand test,” which will test the strength of your hair in order to further assess which type of relaxer is best for you and to make sure that your hair can take the relaxing and stay nice and healthy!

A stylist can then decide which strength of relaxer is most appropriate for your hair and go ahead and do the job. Just remember that after a relaxer the straight hair can only be cut out or maintained by relaxing any regrowth… so make sure that straight is what you really want!

If there are only certain parts of the hair that you would like straight such as the fringe or hair line, this can also be done as per your requirements.

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