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Yuko System

The revolutionary hair straightening system from Japan which repairs as well as straightens your hair! Achieve long lasting straight hair with Yuko System Repair.

Yuko System not only straightens wavy or curly hair, but restores and revivifies it as well. It makes healthy hair glossier and shinier.

How is this possible? Old style permanent waves and straight permanents break the chemical bonds connecting the proteins that make up the hair, then apply a wave(or other shape) to the hair while it is malleable, and finally restore the hair's protein bonds to fix it in the new shape. However, because the bonds have been broken unevenly, they do not line up well again when they are reconnected.

The difference with Yuko System is in its use of a permanent chemical which allows it to cut the chemical bonds very cleanly. After cutting the bonds cleanly, Yuko System Repair reconstructs the hair in a straight shape at the cellular level and uses an iron to make the new shape part of the "memory" of the hair. The result is beautiful, straight hair.

Yuko System Repair is available at both Oxford and Bicester.

Each salon team includes at least one Yuko specialist who has been trained at the Yuko Academy in London. We offer a range of Yuko treatments and shampoos to care for your newly straightened hair at home. As a rough guide only, expect to spend three to six hours in the salon, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. We price our service at £68.00 per hour or £79.00 per hour with Anne. For more details on prices, click here.

KeraStraight Smoothing Treatment (Brazilian Blow Dry)

KeraStraight will help all clients who have unruly frizzy hair. It's not a chemical permanent straightening service, so it won't get rid of your curl completely. It will reduce between 50 and 80 percent of the curl depending on the original hair texture.The aim is to soften curls and reduce frizz. It works by injecting pure keratin (the substance that exists naturally in nails, skin and hair) into your hair, and sealing it using a hot iron. So the process is nourishing, not punishing to your hair. This application and straightening process ensures the Keratin strengthens the hair. Moisture is sealed into the hair cuticle, leaving the hair a lot more manageable. Your appointment will e for between 2hr-4hr, depending on how much hair you have. Depending on hair type and frequency of washing, the effects last between two and four months. But you must ensure you use sodium, phosphate and paraben free shampoo as ones containing sodium chloride can strip away the keratin. We recommend Matrix Keratindose shampoo. After the Keratin treatment, styling of your hair becomes a lot more easy with minimal amounts of blow drying. Your hair will have much improved resiliency; and will no longer be affected by rain, humidity or sweat. This is the beginning of the end to frizzy hair! KeraStraight contains no formaldehydes or aldehydes whatsoever, so it is completely safe both for you and your hairdresser.

£68 per hour or £79 per hour with Anne.

Yuko Anti-Frizz

This innovative Japanese treatment will semi-permanently control frizz to make hair more manageable and healthy.

Anti-Frizz by Yuko is safe on all hair types, the results last on average 3 months and your treatment will take just 90 minutes, depending on length and thickness of your hair. Have you ever wished that your hair was more manageable? Softer? Smoother? Had more shine? Yuko Anti-Frizz is the answer and it is 100% formaldehyde free and safe. Our price for this service is £68 per hour or £79 per hour with Anne.


We offer Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System by Avlon as the best choice to relax your hair and make it more manageable. Affirm features Protecto, a patented organic ingredient which conditions your hair before, during and afer relaxing. We stock a wide choice of Avlon Keracare care products to maintain your hair style and condition in between salon visits.

Relaxer is £68 per hour or £79 per hour with Anne.

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