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“Want to overhaul your hair this season? Then why not take inspiration from the Fall/Winter 14 runways, which were packed with more wearable hairstyles than ever.

That’s the advice from celebrity hair stylist Anne Veck who says if you can overlook the more daunting trends – such as spray-painted ponytails – you’ll find the perfect mood board for dreaming up a new look.

“Combining textures was big news during fashion week and it’s a look that’s ideal for spring time,” advises Anne, winner of the International Haute Coiffure Talent Trophy.

“Curling your hair from half way down and leaving the top half straight will be right on trend.”

Another key look Anne loves is choppy layers, particularly for short hair.

“This look is incredibly carefree and edgy but the key is to keep the top area neat and smooth at the crown, while the end layers should be thick and choppy to create depth and thickness,” she advises.

Poker straight hair was a trend seen at Donna Karan and Chloé during New York Fashion week and it’s a look Anne loves.

“But if you’re going to straighten your hair, I cannot stress how important it is to use a heat protectant spray,” she says.“Split ends are definitely avoidable if you use the correct products.”

Another style which ruled the Fall/Winter 14 runways was the low pony tail.

“Although this sounds simple, it is no easy task to create the perfect pony,” says Anne.

“The key is to keep the crown area incredibly smooth and even. Using a hair serum when your hair is wet will keep the hair cuticles smooth and manageable and using a fine tooth comb will enable you to style the hair evenly and create a lovely, casual look for the daytime,” she adds.”  © Cover Media

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Anne’s home hair care secrets # 4 COLOUR!

More expert advice from Anne Veck….

Hair Dye

Being creative with your hair colour can quickly become a disaster if you constantly change  it and use harsh hair dye (containing more ammonia and bleach). Try to stay as close to your natural hair hue as possible. And if you want to go for something more unusual and edgy, stick to a professional hairstylist as he/she will know how to do it appropriately without damaging your hair. The little extra you pay for makes the whole difference!
HOW the experts will persuade you not to do your own colour…this is what our stylists will tell you and its true.

When home colour does come up, acknowledge that the ingredients are similar, but home colour is created with no idea who is going to use it. So, to work adequately for a wide variety of women with various hair colors and types, it’s harsher, with a higher developer volume than you would use. This way, a woman with light brown and dark
brown hair can use the same product. But they won’t get the same results, no one will get what’s shown on the box and if a woman already has colour, there’s no predicting what will happen. Also mention:
1. The model in the photo on the box did not do her own colour!
2. Home colour can’t account for hair texture or condition. Porosity, curl and more can greatly effect colour results and hair health. Ask: “Would you use harsh detergents and hot water on every fabric you own?”
3. Application is extremely important. Even a “simple” root retouch can be messy to do yourself, and if you overlap the colour, you can get dry ends and colour build-up. Then, you’ll have dark ends and grey that still shows at the roots.
4. Ammonia-free doesn’t mean chemical free, and home colour could use a large percentage of an ammonia substitute.
5. Ask your client if she understands the “base” of a colour product, underlying pigment, and how to avoid getting orange when “just making brown hair lighter.” Explain, this really is chemistry that you studied during your training.
6. You can’t really get a dimensional look from box colour. The grey coverage client is most likely to use home colour, so explain your choices and the potential pitfalls, and offer easy, affordable options.
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Double Impact by Anne Veck

Double Impact by Anne Veck


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Anne’s home hair care secrets # 3


Anne’s home care secrets #3 in which she shares more great advice…

Water temperature

Beware of water that is too hot because it’s drying for your skin and hair. Wash your hair under mild temperature, then rinse with the coldest water you can handle for 10 seconds. It’s very good for your heart too !


Condition your hair every time you wash your hair, especially at the ends. Avoid stuffing your roots with too much conditioner as it will make them heavy and remove any natural volume. Once a week, apply a deep nourishing mask to preserve good hair condition.

Heat protection

Most of us use hot styling tools on bare hair. A heat protection product should always be used as a barrier between your hair and the heat to coat your cuticles and avoid burning your ends. Watch the setting temperature also, avoid setting at high temperatures.

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Double Impact by Anne Veck

Double Impact by Anne Veck

From Anne's collection Double Impact

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