Male Grooming – Do’s and Don’ts!

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Male grooming is big business and much a priority of the modern day man! If you take an interest in your style and appearance but struggle to find a haircut that works for both your looks and lifestyle then follow our essential do’s and don’ts of male hair styling…..

Do – Tailor your cut to compliment your face shape

Consider the

  • Length of your neck
  • The prominence of your jawline
  • Size of your forehead and chin.

If you have a square face then you’re lucky! Both longer and shorter styles will suit you as your face is classically masculine. If you’re face is more rounded then a cut to emphasise your masculine features will work best. In order to toughen up your jawline a cut needs more volume on the crown than the back and side. If a celebrity or model style has really caught your eye then don’t be afraid to try it! Rest assured that no style is set to not work for you, all you need is a talented stylist who can work the cut to flatter your individual features.

Don’t – Pretend hair loss isn’t happening!

The right cutting technique can work wonders for a fella that’s thinning on top however if it’s getting a little more patchy then that then you can make a choice;

  • Option 1 Go bald. – If you’ve got a good shaped head, not too much space on your forehead and strong features then the bald look can be very sexy – think Jason Statham and wear it proudly!
  • Option 2 Go for a hair piece – If you just can’t quite pull off the balding look then go for a hair piece! But take heed that when purchasing these items it isn’t an area that you should be aiming to save money! Go for high quality human hair and invest in quality.

Do – Have a smart way to style your hair

Some occasions call for something a little out of the ordinary to make you feel special and look like you made an effort! Next time you visit your stylist, ask to see one or two additional ways that your new cut can be styled. The ideal options are to have 1 that is classic/ timeless and another that is a little more fun/funky! If you love your hair wen leaving the salon then purchase the product that your stylist used when demonstrating so that you can be sure you have all the tools to recreate your look!

Don’t – Overload on product

A major faux pas common among men when doing their own hair is layering on far too much and too many products which can make hair look overdone and unnatural. To avoid your hair looking too crispy and helmet like ask your stylist to recommend one good product and invest! Ask your stylist to show you how to use it and the quantity that they apply. Set yourself a rule never to add more than what your stylist showed you and then work it through your hair properly, don’t over style either as this can make hair appear oily.

Do – Go for a practical hair cut

Consider your life style and the amount of time that you like to dedicate to your hair styling. If you’re a get-up-and-go type then a cut which needs prepping, straightening & preserving will probably not work for you! Also bear in mind your skill level when it comes to styling your own hair in order to find a style that will work and continuously look good. Whether you have got a curly, wiry, straight or smooth hair texture will also make an important contribution & to cut the hair to work with its natural texture will cause the least damage and work best.

Don’t – Go for at home colour kits to cover grey!

Grey hair is notoriously stubborn and hard to cover and at home colour often lead to an unnatural block effect. People often also choose a colour much too dark or light for their natural tones by following the image on the box which is, in fact not necessarily at all accurate! To get a natural result visit your salon where they will be able to give you a multi-tonal effect and ensure that the colour is not too dark.

Do – Stick to a trusted stylist when you find them!

Visit a salon around every 4-6 weeks to maintain a style that you love. Don’t be afraid to request the stylist that you felt did a great job and stick with them! It can take a while to find somebody you really trust with your hair so don’t go cutting corners and going elsewhere if you’re in a hurry. Good stylists need booking in advance for a reason so for the sake of your hair make sure that you’re organised and book your next appointment on every visit! to somebody else if you’ake a while to find somebody you really trust with your hair so don’n you dop accurate! hair wen le

Don’t – Take the scissors to your own hair!

This is a major hair horror! Unless you’re a professional this will never end well, and that includes your girlfriend/boyfriend too! Rule of thumb: Only let #stateregistered and skilled hairdressers near your hair with sharp instruments!

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Caring for mature hair

You work hard to look your best so don’t let your hairbetray your age…

home-6So why does mature hair need its own specialist care? Well, logically speaking us ladies are living longer and torturing our hair with chemical processes like never before! Add that to the degenerative aging process on the hair and you have parched, brittle and frayed hair on your hands! As we age our estrogen levels deplete, meaning hair is less soft and supple than when this hormone is in ample supply (our youth!). In order to maintain aging hair and ensure that it looks it’s best try following these golden rules..

 Make the hair you have last..

50 percent of women at some point in their lives will suffer from female-pattern hair loss, a genetic and hormonal condition causing hair to fall out without being replaced by new growth. This is due to the slowing of estrogen production and while the process can be slowed by estrogen replacement treatments ultimately the body’s natural balance is no longer in a state where it can maintain the same level of hair health as in our youth. In order to give your hair the best chance of sticking around you need a proper care routine and to keep all abuse to a minimum.

Firstly avoid chemical processes as much as possible i.e perming or colouring. Any chemical process can cause & exaggerate existing damage to the hair by increasing the fragility and leaving it brittle and highly prone to breakage. Secondly avoid wearing hair in tight styles such as buns or braids which can pull the hair out at the root and cause thinning. Repeatedly wearing the hair in tight styles causes tension on the follicles which can damage the roots enough that hair will no longer grow.

Next up, keep an eye on your diet! Never underestimate the power of a diet rich in fatty acids and protein that when in good supply will nourish the hair. Lastly, to top up any benefits that the hair can’t get from diet use a protein rich shampoo & conditioner. As the hair begins to thin it becomes weaker making it’s weight harder to bear and causing hair loss. Using hair care products with lots of protein reinforces the hair and strengthens it by actually holding the hairs together leaving it less prone to breakage.

 Have the right hair cut

Just because you’re getting into middle age does not mean that you need to go for an ‘age appropriate’ haircut. In most cases, you want a neutral, adaptable haircut that gives you options, so avoid blunt fringes or bobs which will limit your options and need constant styling to look good.

Keep your colour multi-tonal

Definition in the face becomes less pronounced as we begin to age. Colour can add this definition back in and make our skin tone glow. A common mistake with age is going to blonde in order to make gray easier to cover. If you’ve made this mistake then try some deeper, caramel low lights in order to break up the colour and make hair seem more vibrant. On the other hand if you’re hair is too dark then move on by adding a few lighter highlights. The bottom line is contrast in the colour.

Keep your hair healthy

Keep your hair moisturised and supple, even if you don’t shampoo your hair every time you shower, coat it in conditioner any time it is wet.  Allowing your hair to get wet without conditioning is very drying and causes hair to look dull when it dries. Secondly beware professional heated styling products. When in the hands of professional stylists dryers are held a safe distance from our hair to minimise heat damage, however in unskilled hands and using these high heat power dryers every day too close can scorch the hair and leave it ultra-dry and cause ends to split and break.

Finally, NEVER use wet to dry straighteners and try to limit the amount of times that you use heated stylers on your hair to just once per wash. Make sure that you use a heat protection spray always and treat your hair to a twice weekly intensive conditioning treatment either in salon or with a specialist age defying mask at home. Lastly avoid UV rays at all costs, they bake the hair and strip it of all vibrancy fading the shine, parching the moisture and stripping the pigments. Cover hair with a hat when in brilliant direct sunlight and apply oil after exposure.

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5 Cool Cuts for The Year Ahead

If you’re a bit tired of your style and looking for an update then take a look at our 5 favorite hair cuts for 2015! The change doesn’t have to be drastic to be effective, some stronger layering or a little hair gel goes a long way in updating your look. We’ve selected some of the old favorites and looked at how the celebrities are making them work with a new found twist…


An Edgy Pixie Crop

The typically pretty elvin style is being toughened up with sides shaved short, hair gel and a lot of texture! When the usual Pixie crop is feeling a little safe for you this style allows you to be both a bad girl and feminine. This cut is stunning on petite & small featured faces. Your face is very much exposed from within the frame of your hair and working a feline eye with defined cheekbones makes a sexy statement brimming with confidence.

Styling tip: A volumising mist such as Biolage Volumebloom spray should be spritzed on damp hair and hair roughly blow-dried in all directions using the fingers to guide it. Next a wax such as Design Pulse Get Action spray wax should be worked through the hair for texture, part the hair in the direction which offers the most volume and go!

Fans of the look: Scarlett Johansson & Kirsten Stewart


A Short Tousled Bob

This season we are saying a firm farewell to the old safety net of a stick straight graduated bob. We are excited about lots waves, texture & short layers in our new fave bob! The hair is cut short around the jawline and short defined waves are styled to frame the face. This look works in either an exaggerated side part of middle parting best.

Styling Tip: Spray a little Design Pulse Iron In spray over the hair and blow-dry with your fingers rather than a brush. Then, use a wax such as Design Pulse Mix and Shine to define and separate the tendrils of your hair. Pick any that are a little lack luster at random and curl them with a curling wand until you’re satisfied.

Fans of the look: Alexa Chung & Sienna Miller


The 2015 Charlie’s Angel

This cut is inspired by the blown out waves of 1970’s hair icons such as Farrah Fawcett & Jaclyn Smith but with a post-modern update. The lengths of the hair are long, preferably at least shoulder length and feathery layers are cut around the face. This can be styled with or without a fringe depending on which suits your face shape best. Hair is then worn in big waves which bend from about ear height.

Styling Tip: Biolage Volumebloom root spray should be spritzed at the roots after hair has been towel dried. Hair is then blow-dried forward with the fingers or a round brush until completely dry. Finish the blow-dry by using a round brush to smooth the hair in small random sections into big barrel waves. Lastly add a light covering of hair spray such as Design Pulse Hair Lock.

Fans of the look : Taylor swift & Jessica Alba


A Blunt Edged Midi Cut

Texture is undoubtedly hot right now but a sleek midi cut should not be overlooked for those who prefer to be without a hair out of place. There is no layering to be seen, all hair being the same even length and a straight cut across the bottom of the hair with light feathering at the ends. If you have an oval face this look works beautifully in a neat middle parting tucked behind the ears and with the lengths worn behind the shoulders.

Styling Tip: After washing, spray Heat Protection through the hair and part from centre of the head with a comb. Apply a little Biolage Exquisite Oil and then dry with a paddle brush until the hair is shiny and straight. Adding a little more oil, dry the hair again until it is straight all over and without volume. If you need to employ the straightener to achieve true smooth and straightness then do so in swift passes from root to tip to avoid leaving lines.

Fans of the Look: Kendall Jenner & Olivia Palermo


Volumised Graduated Layers

Instead of the beautiful but slightly boring long smooth waves that we see so much of in the world of celebrity (think Kim Kardashian) the more edgy stars such as Suki Waterhouse have been in favor of going a little shorter. Hair falls to about the collar bone and has endless amounts of body with layers cut long. The look naturally has more volume from the hair being less heavy and is slightly more effortless cool girl than the long try hard waves of last year.

Styling Tip: Use a smoothing oil such as Biolage Exquisite Oil, a little heat protection spray and twist your hair into one big roll then dry in the diffuser. Make sure you have lots of root lift and frame your face with loose tendrils.

Fans of the Look: Megan Fox & Suki Waterhouse

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