Only Exquisite hair this Christmas


If you’re stuck in the same routine with your shampoo & conditioner and not quite seeing the lustre and shine that you want it’s because this routine alone is simply not enough! If you want truly luxurious hair with dazzling shine then you need an exquisite ritual…

Proper hair care is the key to truly beautiful hair! Even if you have a shampoo & conditioner that you like it is worth keeping up to date and an open mind with what’s new. Often we can get so used to using a product that we forget to assess how well it is working for us and there is a good chance a new product can inject some renewed life and vitality into our tresses! Also don’t forget to check in with your stylist about your hair type as this can change depending on what you are having done to your hair e.g. colour or chemical treatments .

Exquisite Hair Care: Shampooing & Conditioning

It’s not secret that shampoo will clean the hair and your conditioner will soften it OR that the better quality product then the better result for your hair BUT are you including a hair oil into your routine?

Adding a few drops of Biolage Exquisite Oil to your conditioner will give you a suppleness and shine that will make you see a depth to your hair you had forgotten possible. in order to see these results then follow these simple steps;

  • After shampooing the hair simply squeeze out as much water as possible, mix a few drops of oil with conditioner in your hand and apply to the mid lengths and ends.
  • Leave on the hair for several minutes and then rinse thoroughly.
  • Once dry you will see a dramatic difference in the level of shine & softness that you are able to achieve with your hair.

Different hair types will benefit from different aspects of the oil and for this reason Biolage Exquisite Oil is available in a softening, strengthening or replenishing treatment. The oil will penetrate the hair and make it shine from the inside out. Your hair will not only look and feel silky & soft but it is better prepared to handle the stresses of the day such as cold snaps and indoor heating

**Rinsing your hair with cold water for the last rinse stimulates the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth**

Exquisite Hair Care: Drying

Being careful when drying your hair and using the lowest heat setting possible to do the job will ensure your hair is at it’s maximum potential of shine!

Also to avoid damaging your hair when it is wet and at it’s most delicate, squeeze dry and gently pat with a towel, never rub!

Before you begin to blow-dry your hair, rough dry it to around 80% dry and add a little more oil to the lengths and ends for added shine. Just take care to avoid applying too much as this will weigh hair down.

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Keep the Ombre trend current

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It’s almost impossible not to have noticed that the Ombre trend is still strong and is showing all the signs of being here to stay. If you like to keep things interesting and would like a bit of an update on the two-tone trend then read on and see how you can keep your look fresh and fashion forward.

The Soft Ombre

If you like to keep your look low maintenance and natural then the softer ombre effect could be just for you. This is a great look for people with a light natural base colour particularly if you are moving away from highlights in order to improve the condition of the hair. Allowing the roots to grow through avoids any awkward lines in the ombre and looks ultra-natural which is what this trend is all about.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely has this look down to a T, the subtlety change of colour between her roots and the lighter ends creates a perfect undone look that is actually pretty difficult to achieve but looks effortless.

Other celebrities sporting the the softer ombre beautifully include Cara Delevingne, Rachel Bosworth & Lily Aldridge. It’s an altogether more grown up take on the dip dye colours that have are effective in their harsher contrast. Dark brunettes can work this softer look but for it to work best it’s important not to take the ends more than 3 shades lighter than the base colour.

Two-Tone Hair Using Contrasting Natural Tones


Celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and Chloe Kardashian have carried this look off beautifully with their long locks (and extensions!). It works by contrasting darker roots with light ends, usually starting with hair being darkest at the roots and progressing to bright blonde tones through the mid-lengths to create a bold contrast from ends to roots.

This look can be achieved with bleach or lighter extensions and is good for hair that is finer in the lengths - particularly if your adding extensions! This is because lightening the ends causes the hair to swell, creating an illusion of more thickness and body – especially when when styled into beachy waves. Before going for this colour just be aware of hair damage and consider that you will need a trim afterwards to limit any damage caused by lifting the hair. Lifting a naturally dark colour with bleach to a very light blonde is especially damaging and shouldn’t be attempted unless the hair is in good health.

Rainbow Tones

Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora & Katie Perry have all used unnatural colours in order to create a fun & funky two tone effect in their tresses! And why not be bold and flamboyant? The personal freedom that allows us to make the choice of raspberry & blueberry two tone should be celebrated and embraced!

You can choose to set two colours off against each other or work a bright colour through your natural base in highlights or by dip dying the ends. Another effective clash of colours in the style of Kylie Jenner is contrasting a bright shade, in her case vibrant turquoise against a jet black base. Just be aware that to achieve this sort of vibrancy with the rainbow tone, darker hair will need to bleached first and to keep the bright colour bright you will need to refresh it around every 2 weeks. Dip dying hair, highlights or even doing one colour the left side of the parting and another the right is sure to make you stand out from the crowd!

Monochrome tones


Using black and white/grey is a bit of statement and won’t work with every skin tone! Cool skin tones carry off ash colours best. Favoured by fashion forward types hair can be worn curly or for the shock factor then straightening hair will show off the different tones in all of their contrasting glory! If you have a little Cruella De’Ville in you then try doing half of the head black and half white! Or if you’re not quite ready for that level of colour commitment then a thick streak of white at the front of dark hair is effective without being overwhelming. Book online with us now to begin your ombre update!

How to get volume in fine hair

If like many of us you struggle with fine hair then you may be interested to know that the trick to having voluminous looking locks comes from a few industry tips that work with both technique and illusion. 

Our first priority when dealing with fine or thin hair is to choose the right hair cut to create the effect of a full head of hair.

A lot of people feel their hair is too thin and hangs limp and lifeless when they wear it down causing them to resort to tying it up all of the time.

However this is counter productive! Tying the hair up a lot can cause tension meaning that hair breaks off and struggles to grow. The hair is also being trained to be flat from constantly being pulled back in the same direction.

Though your hair type is determined by genetics we can work with the hair we have to create the impression of volume and movement where it may be lacking. 

Luckily professionals have worked on tackling this problem for years and came up with the best cutting and shaping techniques to work with the hairs natural abundance to the best of it’s potential.

Rule Number 1.

When the hair is thin a blunt cut is the best option for making it look thicker and regular cuts must be had in order to keep split ends at bay and an even length visible. – Frizzy ends create the impression of frayed and fine hair

Keeping hair shorter than a mid length hair style is the only way to get the most bounce out of fine hair as long styles drag the hair down and create more weight making volume even harder to achieve.

For a petite face a Pixie haircut works amazingly as hair looks thicker and it is easy to achieve texture with the right products.

If you must have long hair then layers need to be expertly placed and styled to flick out around the face to give movement and volume. Straight straight hair is a no-no for creating volume.

** Quick Tip – Changing your parting daily will make your hair stand up taller from the roots and is a good quick fix for hair with length. **

Rule Number 2.

Playing with colour is an excellent method of working with thin hair to create depth and dimension. Colour can also make the hair follicle swell slightly and so to work best with the illusion of more hair and the real thickening it is best to work with blondes and browns.

Rule Number 3.

Good quality volumising products must be used to give yourself the best chance at volume!

Washing your hair prior to styling with a volumising shampoo, conditioner & blow-dry spray will all work to make your hair appear fuller and bouncier.

Matrix Biolage Volumebloom range will indulge your hair with lightweight softness. 

You must ensure all product residue is rinsed from the hair during shampooing as left over product will weigh the hair down. Also make sure to only put conditioner on the ends as a main cause of limp greasy looking hair is conditioning residue left close to the roots.

Matrix Mega Dust is a brilliant volumising product for matt texture and root lift, creating a back combed effect with none of the invasive back combing technique.

Rule 4.

Teasing the hair with a comb creates a rougher hair shaft and builds the hairs around each other to hair seem a whole lot..more! This works well in particular with beachy waves.

A volmising diffuser worked at the roots after the hair has been dried and styled will also build volume, finish with a shot of cool air to set the style.

Using curling wands and tongs to create curls and waves are best to style thinner hair into a curvacious style, a good quality hot brush can also work wonders such as the Diva Radiant Shine now available in salon.

** Quick tip blow-drying hair against the natural growth pattern contradicts the usual style creating oomph!**

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