Caring for Brown Hair – Keeping brunette tresses rich and luxurious


Blonde’s and red’s tend to win the stakes for the most eye catching & stand out hair colours but the beauty of a brunette shade reveals itself upon a second and third glance..


Brown hair can only be fully appreciated when it is given the attention that it deserves. Of all hair colours, brown tones are the richest in pigmentation meaning the most shine – lovely! Well cared for brown hair, whether natural or not-so-natural is a rich and indulgent colour which looks luxurious as it does expensive and it’s beauty lies in the condition…

  • UV protection is still important for brunettes though the hair structures are stronger than that of blondes. In the long run too much exposure to the UV rays will cause brunette hair to fade. Brown hair must be protected from the sun’s rays especially when the hair has been colour-treated because UV rays fade artificial pigments faster than the natural ones. Long-time UV exposure also weakens the hair causing it to dry out and break, so don a hat in direct sunlight!
  • If you have your hair coloured to a custom shade of brown then you must invest in the right products to get the most out of your colour. Some specialist brunette shampoos will actually enrich your colour with subtle colour deposits that will add shine and depth between visits to your colourist. A deep conditioning mask and hair oil are also essential to stop hair looking dry on the ends which makes the colour seem lighter.
  • So called ‘hard’ water sources may cause a green or khaki tinge in lighter brown coloured hair after a few washes. For this problem you can take a tip out of the blondes’ book by rinsing hair with an acidic wash. Simply dilute lemon juice with water and use as a finishing rinse after washing your hair!
  • Brunette colours may lose their shine between visits to the salon. If this bothers you then you can always have some lowlights added with ammonia-free or semi-permanent colours to liven up the colour. This will make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your colour with virtually no damage to your hair.
  • Natural oils, condition and build the substance of each individual strand so products such as Moroccan Oil & Biolage Exquisite Oil are fabulous for keeping brunette hair soft and shining. The use of these oils is the ideal way for brunettes to condition their hair and give it lasting natural shine – you will notice an extra-special difference if you visit your salon for an indulgent weekly treatment.

Blonde’s, you’re up next ! Giving proper TLC to pre-lightened hair…

If you’re a beautiful blonde but you feel you fight an endless battle against the brass tones or dryness which, more often than not plague the bleached blonde then this is just the post for you! Take a look at our tips on how to maintain and protect your colour and you will see a real staying power in your blonde.


  1. As with any coloured hair you must add a little extra protection in the bright sunlight that comes with summer (or if you’re in England then, a summer holiday) to stop hair becoming dry and faded. Hair that is pre-lightened has less melanin than darker shades. The UV rays will therefore penetrate the hair more powerfully and wreak more havoc! So always have a UV protectant spray on hand and cover hair during the hottest parts of the day.


  1. Feel like your forever battling the brassy tones which can curse the platinum bottle blonde? Well one of the best products you will ever use to preserve your colour is a violet/blue shampoo. In that lovely silvery, grey or white blonde hair the violet tones will neutralise the unwanted yellow and brass by overpowering them and giving an ash finish. A little lesser known ingredient which help keep yellow tones at bay are chamomile and lavender – so picking out a shampoo & conditioner with these ingredients is wise!


  1. Maybe a little worse than the creeping in of warm brassy tones in blonde hair is the greenish tinge! Yikes! When green hair is not on a bold, intentional scale a la Katy Perry it is entirely unacceptable. Harsh water sources that contain too much copper can be to blame if you’re seeing your hair looking a little green and scaly. You can help your hair out by going for an acidic wash after you’ve conditioned. Try 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with a pint of water or dissolve an asprin instead and use as a finishing rinse.


  1. As we’ve said before, bleached hair is especially weak and prone to breakage. In order to you’re your lengths nice and healthy a hair cure is ideal for intensive hydration and moisture to keep them supple. Hair cures provide active ingredients, which deeply penetrate the hair in a more intense dosage than masques or conditioners. Aim to have a cure after every bleach that your hair is subjected to.


  1. With dryness being one of the main bug bears of a bottle blonde you will want to reduce the amount of times you wash your hair by as much as possible, twice a week is a good routine. This will also keep your colour truer for longer so invest in a good dry shampoo to get you through the oily days.


  1. You need a professional applying your colour! By now you will have realised that we think of blondes as the most fragile of colours, needing the most care and knowledge to maintain effectively. Whenever your highlights are topped up the bleach should only be being applied to the regrowth of the hair and NOT the ends which have already been lightened, only an experienced professional will be able to do this safely.


  1. Before going for a swim or even just a dip in the pool or the sea, pour purified or bottled water over your hair to get it drenched. If your hair is already soaking wet when you go into a pool then it won’t absorb the chlorine in the water – less damage and green hair. Bonus!


  1. Go slowly! If you’re going to a lighter shade of blonde from a darker colour then be patient and be prepared to lighten up slowly over several visits to the salon which can take several months. If you aren’t patient and try to simply get lighter with the strongest products out there then you may have no hair left by the end of your colour! Lightening hair takes time, patience and professional products to maintain it so if you want good condition in your hair then prepare to invest.


  1. Avoid all heat styling where possible and when it is necessary then use a heat protectant spray before letting any heated styler come near you! As we’ve said, blonde hair is extra dry and fragile so the last thing it needs is more drying out – make sure you also get a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep split ends at bay.

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Valentines has got us seeing Red!


Love is in the hair this Valentine’s day, so in honour of you red haired lot we’ve made a specialist guide on how to care for your Red Hair:


A regular care programme may be sufficient for hair with just a tinge of red. However, if you are a bold and beautiful redhead like Emma Stone or Isla Fisher then you must tenderly pamper and protect your hair!

A brunette or mid blonde can mostly get away with a general colour care routine and if you have just a tinge of red through your hair then you can too. However if you are a full on fiery red head then your colour needs extra special love and care to stay rich and luxurious.

If you are a not-quite-so natural red head and you or your colourist has created your shade then it will always fade between colours because the pigments seep out of the follicles every time you rinse your hair with water, let alone lather up with shampoo!

A natural red head will know full well how quickly the sun lightens their colour as the copper tones are particularly sensitive to UV rays. Therefore you must have a continuous specialist hair care routine.




A tip for every day of the week..cm2_large.

  • The red pigment in your colour is always light sensitive and in natural red heads this is accompanied by the most UV light-sensitive skin type. Therefore both bottle and natural reds will react to the sun extremely quickly compared to other skin types and colours! So whether your red is natural or not, always completely cover the hair in the midday sun.  Hair care products specifically for protection against UV rays should also be used whenever on holiday to cover even brief moments when the hair may be exposed to direct sunshine.


  • After having your hair coloured red avoid entering a swimming pool at all costs! Certainly for a minimum of two weeks after your colour is fresh. This is because of the harsh chlorine in the water which will strip the colour out of your hair instantly and leave it parched and dry.


  • Always use hair care products specifically tailored for red hair where possible. Hydration is extremely important to keeping your colour rich and vibrant so use a creamy shampoo & conditioner for red heads which will refresh the pigments with every wash. Also a hair oil is highly recommended to keep the ends soft and stop them fading faster than the rest of the hair.


  • Give Henna a try! There is a bit of a topic amongst red heads regarding how beneficial henna is – but one thing is sure, it is natural and chemical free, so a totally gentle way to refresh your red between colours! There are also traces of plant extracts in Henna which are very beneficial and add a shine to red hair.


  • Try a toner between colours! This is a much gentler method of colouring than a permanent colour as the colour itself is not combined with any harsh peroxide to activate it. This means that it will give your colour new vibrancy and depth without any damage – perfect if you just can’t stand your colour fade.


  • Use a weekly cure or hair treatment to prolong your colour.  Hair cures contain hair care ingredients, which actually penetrate the hair and can fill out gaps in the outer hair structure. As a result, the red pigments remain in the hair for a longer time. Your salon can offer you this treatment at a very reasonable price which may buy you an extra week on your colour!cm8_large


  • Red hair is a bold and beautiful statement, the colour epitomises confidence ! As a result it attracts attention and split ends are very obvious. A bad red can be just as abhorrent as a wonderful one can be vivacious! We therefore recommend trimming red ends a minimum of every 8 weeks, the effect just isn’t the same if the hair isn’t in tip top shiny condition