How to get volume in fine hair

If like many of us you struggle with fine hair then you may be interested to know that the trick to having voluminous looking locks comes from a few industry tips that work with both technique and illusion. 

Our first priority when dealing with fine or thin hair is to choose the right hair cut to create the effect of a full head of hair.

A lot of people feel their hair is too thin and hangs limp and lifeless when they wear it down causing them to resort to tying it up all of the time.

However this is counter productive! Tying the hair up a lot can cause tension meaning that hair breaks off and struggles to grow. The hair is also being trained to be flat from constantly being pulled back in the same direction.

Though your hair is determined by genetics we can work with the hair we have to create the impression of volume and movement.

Luckily professionals have worked on tackling this problem for years and came up with the best cutting and shaping techniques to work with the hairs natural abundance to the best of it’s potential.

Rule Number 1.

When the hair is thin a blunt cut is the best option for making it look thicker and regular cuts must be had in order to keep split ends at bay and an even length visible. – Frizzy ends create the impression of frayed and fine hair

Keeping hair shorter than a mid length hair style is the only way to get the most bounce out of fine hair as long styles drag the hair down and create more weight making volume even harder to achieve.

For a petite face a Pixie haircut works amazingly as hair looks thicker and it is easy to achieve texture with the right products.

If you must have long hair then layers need to be expertly placed and styled to flick out around the face to give movement and volume. Straight straight hair is a no-no for creating volume.

** Quick Tip – Changing your parting daily will make your hair stand up taller from the roots and is a good quick fix for hair with length. **

Rule Number 2.

Playing with colour is an excellent method of working with thin hair to create depth and dimension. Colour can also make the hair follicle swell slightly and so to work best with the illusion of more hair and the real thickening it is best to work with blondes and browns.

Rule Number 3.

Good quality volumising products must be used to give yourself the best chance at volume!

Washing your hair prior to styling with a volumising shampoo, conditioner & blow-dry spray will all work to make your hair appear fuller and bouncier.

Matrix Biolage Volumebloom range will indulge your hair with lightweight softness. 

You must ensure all product residue is rinsed from the hair during shampooing as left over product will weigh the hair down. Also make sure to only put conditioner on the ends as a main cause of limp greasy looking hair is conditioning residue left close to the roots.

Matrix Mega Dust is a brilliant volumising product for matt texture and root lift, creating a back combed effect with none of the invasive back combing technique.

Rule 4.

Teasing the hair with a comb creates a rougher hair shaft and builds the hairs around each other to hair seem a whole lot..more! This works well in particular with beachy waves.

A volmising diffuser worked at the roots after the hair has been dried and styled will also build volume, finish with a shot of cool air to set the style.

Using curling wands and tongs to create curls and waves are best to style thinner hair into a curvacious style.

** Quick tip blow-drying hair against the natural growth pattern contradicts the usual style creating oomph!**

Thinking Hair Extensions? No? Maybe you should be!

Hair Extensions


A lot of people don’t realise the solution that hair extensions can offer to a whole host of hair woes! It’s not all about just having longer hair. Do you have fine hair? Uneven length? Want more thickness and/or volume? Extensions are about working with your hair to give you the style that you want whether it be 8 inches longer or for your lengths to look thick and even .

We offer Balmain and Raccoon extensions which are long running extension companies ranking themselves the best in the world. The standards of hair are moderated from source to supply in order to ensure the hair is of the highest ethical guidelines & quality.

So why are you considering extensions?

It’s not that my hair is short, in some places it’s long but there are gaps at the front where hair has been damaged & broken off. I feel as if it looks patchy & thin”

In this case there a few systems which will be suitable. For clients who feel the fronts of their hair are the main problem, and they just want to even out their length with a little more volume then the Balmain System Volume range is perfect.

Available in 25cm, 40cm & 60cm lengths the hair has flat bonds to make sure that they are ultimately discreet. The extensions are then bonded to the hair with protein bonds which are completely kind to the hair and gently disintegrate causing no damage. Clients will need to come in for maintenance every 4-6 weeks. System Volume extensions can be applied all over the head wherever extra hair is needed but are best suited to the fronts and when hair is needed closer to the partingin order to make use of the ultra discreet bonds.

For clients with gappy hair Balmain Fill In extensions can be applied to the sides of the hair for a thicker & fuller effect than the system volume, when more hair is needed to even the length out.

If clients have hair which is fine and uneven towards the lengths at the back of the hair then Balmain Double Hair offers a perfect solution, the wefts are bonded into the hair with protein bonds and need to be maintained every 4 to 6 weeks. Because the hair is doubled there is instant dramatic length & volume.

My hair is short and damaged, I want it thick & long and don’t want to wait for it to grow! Will the extensions hinder my natural hair growth?”

If you’re thinking of a full head then Balmain double hair is the perfect solution, you can even clip the extensions in before you decide whether you want them bonded, in order to get used to them.

Once you have decided if you would like the extensions in they can be bonded in with the gentle protein bonds and fill ins placed in the sides to blend the length and make hair look uber natural. The extensions will not harm your hair what-so-ever. Our trained experts will place them in a safe way that will not leave tension on the hair.

Extensions can help your hair grow in healthily particularly if you like to use heated stylers a lot. This is because the extension hair cocoons the natural hair so when heat is applied it is predominantly in contact with the extension hair, leaving your natural hair protected. 

But won’t they cost the earth?”

Absolutely not! It is impossible to quote on the cost of an individuals hair extensions without a consultation. However there is always an affordable option, for example if you would like to pay for the hair the month prior to the appointment this means you don’t need to pay for the service until you come in for the treatment the next month – allowing you to split the cost.

Why wait? Book in for your consultation now!

3 Ways to Straight Hair

Straight hair is all over the catwalks and very much back in. You have a few choices of how to straighten your locks depending on whether it’s a look that you like to have every now and then or your permanent style



  • A blow-dry with a paddle or round brush can add volume at the roots and give you straight lengths

  • Using hair straighteners can make sure your hair is super straight with little volume

  • Having hair chemically straightened with a Yuko system will eliminate the need for straighteners and give you poker straight hair until the regrowth emerges

The right choice of straightening depends entirely on your style and how well you maintain and care for your hair. PLUS how long you would like the effect to last.


The straight blow-dry encompasses rough drying your hair until around 70% dry and then using a round or paddle brush while blow-drying it straight. Aim the nozzle down to ensure a super sleek frizz-free effect and use heat protection spray all over the hair after rough drying.

To blow-dry hair straight section the hair off into rows. Then divide each section into sub-sections as you work your way through the hair with the dryer. Small sections will ensure no hair is tangled in the brush. A round brush suits short hair best and a paddle brush is better for the lengths of long hair.

Before you begin using a straightening shampoo & conditioner followed by a straightening crème with added heat protection gives you the best base to work with. Straighten your hair by pulling it over a round or paddle brush and aiming the nozzle of the hair dryer down. Hold it a little way away from the hair to avoid burning it and move down with the dryer & the brush. Dont hold the dryer in one place too long to avoid hot spots. 

If your hair is naturally curly you may only be able to get it wavy at best, try to exert enough tension with your brush to force the hair to betray its natural structure without pulling so hard that the scalp suffers.


The straighteners are the most reliable straightening method and requires less skill than a blow-dry. It is the recommend method for people with naturally wavy & curly hair or people who do not find the blow dryer-and-brush straightening effective enough.

Heat protection is essential for use with straighteners as the hot metal plates are very detrimental to the hair particularly when used regularly. Section the hair and brush before passing the straighteners over the sections in swift continuous motions. Ceramic or other coated plates work best because they warm the hair evenly while gliding with ease. This method can keep hair straight until it is next wet. Briefly straighten any re-appearing waves after the first night and the more you use the straighteners you will develop a good technique. It is most important not to stop the motion of the straightener as this can leave lines in the hair. Keep hair from drying out with hair oils and a deep conditioning mask.

Yuko Permanent Straightening

Yuko is incredibly effective & can be used on curly, frizzy or very unruly hair to chemically treat it into being completely poker straight. The Yuko service cannot be offered to those who have had hair treated with bleach or any other strong chemical process as the hair is too weak to withstand the treatment. Yuko is best for people who have healthy hair to begin with as the process is quite harsh. Your hair will be permanently straight until the regrowth appears in which case you just need to have the treatment done on the roots when they become too noticeable.

Yuko can last up to 6 months and permanently alters the natural composition of the visible hair. It takes usually a minimum of 4 hours and is only offered by accredited & reputable salons. Book in for your own consultation here.

Here is one of our clients after her Yuko treatment