5 Easy Tips for a Beautiful Complexion

Troublesome blemishes, breakouts and acne are supposed to be gone from our lives after school right? If only! If you have spot prone skin try following these simple tips to keep your skin clean and breakouts at bay!


1. Thou shalt not touch! – The satisfaction that comes from squeezing a spot is only temporary. You’ll actually cause further  inflammation, scarring and acne.  So spend less time in front of the mirror and try not to obsess, it will go away naturally – promise!



2. Clean your phone screen - Your make-up, oils from your skin & hair product residue all come in direct contact with your screen as do germs from anywhere you may have decided to rest your phone! The warm screen of your phone is a perfect breeding ground for germs which then get passed onto your skin, clogging your pores. Ew. So take care to disinfect your phone screen daily to keep your skin clean and clear.
3. Practice prevention – If you have acne prone skin then it needs treatment when it’s at it’s best. Wash, cleanse and tone your entire face and neck morning and night plus remember to always use a good quality moisturiser to finish. This is especially important with oily skin, if your skin is dry from the toner it will begin to overproduce oil even more so than usual which can lead to breakouts. You can always go with non-greasy and oil free moisturisers if your skin is especially sensitive. Bonus tip – wash & swap your pillowcases regularly!
4. Use high quality products with proven success. Products with Benzoyl Peroxide, glycolic acid or salicylic acid work well against acne but do take a little time to work. Stick with them and use them for at least 6 weeks before making a decision on if they’re working for you.


5. Drink more water! It’s old advice, but it’s also stood the test of time. Make sure you get your fill of water, aim to drink 2 litres daily. It clears and flushes out toxins to keep your skin cells hydrated and healthy!



What is the right hairstyle for your face shape?



Is your face more Diamond, Heart, Oval, Long, Round or Square shaped?


What is the shape of your face and what are the hairstyles that will suit you best?
The shape of your face and facial features can be both complimented and opposed by cut and style of your hair. for example, a large forehead can be muted with a sweeping fringe and high cheekbones can be emphasised with soft waves bent at the temple.
It is important to consider the features of your face that you like and discuss with your stylist the best way to highlight them before committing to any big change with your hair.
Take a look at our guide to defining your face shape and the styles to consider and avoid.


The Diamond Face

A face shape that is narrow at the forehead and chin and widest at the cheekbones
You will have;
  • Narrow forehead,
  • Sharp & narrow chin
The Style
Styles such as loose curls that are full at your temples and chin with the hair close to your head in the cheekbone area will work best with your features. The hair looks best in a slightly off-center parting with a side sweeping fringe. Medium length styles compliment your face shape and those with symmetrical lines will balance out the narrower proportions of the face.
  • The very short styles and a center parting as this will add fullness at your cheeks and imbalance your facial features.
  • Also avoid hair cut in at the temples and too much volume at the top of the head as this will draw attention to the cheeks and create a top heavy look.

The Heart Shaped Face

A heart shape face has a narrow jaw and is wider at the forehead and/or cheekbones. The only difference between the heart and inverted triangle face shape is that a heart shape face has a widow’s peak.


You will have;

  • broad forehead/widows peak
  • narrow chin

 The Style

A side swept fringe draws attention to your eyes and away from your chin. A bob is also a great way to balance a heart shaped face. Long layers are a must whether your hair is short or long and a centre parting tends to suit you best. A soft style with a light fringe covering your forehead disguises a strong widows peak. Soft waves and curly styles suit you and styles that add volume at the jaw-line


  • Choppy layers, super short hair and volume at the crown.
  • Pulling your hair back off your forehead.

  • Styles that are full at the temples.

  • Straight fringe.

  • Too much height on top of your head.

  • A low side parting

The Oval Shaped Face

An oval face has a length that is equal to one and a half times the width. You will have a narrow and softly pointed chin and your forehead is wider than the chin. Your cheekbones are a dominant feature and the face tapers gracefully from cheekbone to chin.

You will have

  • Defined cheekbones
  • Narrow, softly pointed chin

Widely considered to be the most balanced and beautiful face shape, you can choose almost any hairstyle and length. Your main considerations are the styles that will suit the texture, curl and quantity of your hair as your features are already balanced. If you are over 40 its best to keep the length on or above shoulder length and to choose styles that sweep hair away from the face.


  • short layers that add height at the crown or top of your head 
  • a blunt cut if your hair is curly or thick.

Celeb’s who share your face shape – Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz

The Oblong Face Shape

An oblong face shape is longer than it is wide (imagine the proportions of a rectangle). Long and narrow, this face shape generally has a high forehead, straight cheekbones and a long, narrow bone structure.

You will have

  • High forehead
  • Narrow face & long jaw

The Style

A hairstyle that is short to medium in length will most compliment a long face. You can soften the face shape with soft layers that fall around your face. Any hair cut that is below the chin is best for this face shape. Styles that create width work wonders, such as chin length bobs, brow skimming fringes and curls or waves. The style should add width at your temples and cheekbones. A little volume (not too much) at the top of your head is also good to create different dimensions. If you have a high forehead,a fringe is a good way of breaking up the wide expanse of face. Keep your hair either straight and wispy or swept off to the side and not too thick. Keep the sides off your face, either swept back or short & long hair should add width at the neckline.



  • Long straight flat hair as this will only make face even longer as will super short hairstyles.
  • Highly stylised styles such as angular cuts, extremely short styles, severely slicked down.
  • Volume only on top of your head.
  • Center parting.
  • Hair close to the sides of your face.
  • If you have a high forehead, hair combed straight back

The Round Face

A round face is as wide as it is long with soft, round edges. Your cheeks and jaw are the same width. The lines of the face are curved with the width at the cheek below the cheekbones and your hairline is wide and round.

You will have

  • Cheeks and jaw of same width
  • Wide rounded hairline

The Style

Go for styles that add height to the top of the head with your hair off the face, but close to the head. A centre or long diagonal parting and layers will compliment your face shape and create dimensions. Styles that end just below the chin, or with layers ending below the chin look best. Hair styled in gentle waves with whispy ends will give your hair texture.Side swept bangs are also a good look for those of you with round faces.


  • curly short hair, short, cropped styles, styles that add volume at the sides.
  • Styles that add width.
  • Round styles.
  • Straight bangs (fringe).
  • Very short hair.
  • Very curly hair.
  • Very straight hair
Celeb’s who share your face shape – Kate Winslet, Fergie, Oprah & Keira Knightly



The Square Face

Wide forehead and square jaw line. Both forehead and jaw line are wide and square. Cheekbones and jaw are the same width. Hairline is usually straight across.


You will have

  • Broad flat lines to your face
  • Flat chin almost/in line with jaw

The Style

The goal with a square face shape is to play down your angular jaw line. This is easily accomplished with texture such as curls or choppy ends. Short to medium length is the best but if you like longer hair then go for layers that start at the jaw and work their way down. Layered bobs with wisps around the face, and long layers are generally recommended for this face shape – styles that add height to the top of the head. A good tip when styling is to curve and angle hair across the forehead. An off-center parting with soft, layered styles, whisps, curls and waves will compliment your face. Hair close to  your ears will also emphasise good, angular cheekbones.


  • very short or cropped hair or
  • slicked-back styles.
  • very straight styles,
  • styles that add width to your jaw-line
Celebrities with Square Face Shapes Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore





Which tone of blonde is for you?


       COOL                                              WARM

Now you may be forgiven for thinking that blonde is blonde, right? Wrong! Any hair colour can be warm, cool or neutral and the tone that you chose is instrumental in finding the right hair colour to suit you…


Choosing the right colours for your skin tone is an important part of the beauty process. The wrong tones in your hair can make even the most glowing skin look off.

So, which tone are you? The tips below will help you identify which skin tone you are and what colours will suit you best. Once you have decided your ready for a style re-vamp why not visit our online bookings page?

The Basics
Warm toned people will look vibrant and healthy while wearing earthy colors, such as oranges, bronzes, golds, peaches, brick reds, earthy greens, mocha browns and ivory.


Cool toned people are most complimented by jewel tones such as vibrant emerald green, royal or icy blues, rosy pinks, silvers, plums, and pure white. Colours with a blue base work best.

 So are you warm or cold?

The Vein Test
One of the most popular ways of determining your colouring is the vein test.Stand by an open window in the natural light during the day and make a fist and examine your inner wrist. What colour are the veins? Veins that are more blue are a sign of cool tones, while green veins tell us you are warm. If your veins are a mix of blue and green, you may well be neutral – lucky you


The Silver/Gold Test
It’s a little known fact that warm works with gold as cool works with silver. See if you can get hold of some silver & some gold fabric then look in the mirror in the natural light. Hold each piece of fabric up next to your face one at a time and examine. If the silver compliments your face then it’s likely you are cool and of course if the gold makes you look fresh then you are more than likely warm!

Genetics Test
While these rules do have exceptions it is generally acknowledged that your skin, hair and eye tone dictate your colouring.

Warm toned skin tends to have a golden or apricot undertone. You natural hair colour will have hints of orange, yellow, red or gold & your eyes tend to be amber, dark brown, hazel, or green.




Cool toned skin has a pink or rosy undertone. Your natural hair will contain blue, blue-violet, silver and ash undertones. Eye color tends to be light blue, gray-green, blue green, turquoise, gray-blue, black or cool brown.


If you do not fall into any of the criteria exclusively then you may well just be a well rounded neutral tone! Neutral toned people can wear just about any color and look great! Some neutral skin tones may look slightly better in warm or cool which means just that, you can wear just about anything but certain colours will really set you off!

Still Unsure? Don’t fret, it’s not always an easy process. No one’s skin is exactly the same and individual coloring can be a task to determine on your own. Pay us a visit in salon for a thorough colour consultation where your stylist will personally identify your colouring with similar criteria to the above.

Once you’ve determined your skin tone consider the following tips to look your best..


If you’re warm

If you fall under this category the earthier colours will really work well for you such as yellow, orange, brown, orangey-reds, and yellow-green shades. When it comes to your make-up formulations like foundation with a yellow or golden undertone are going to work best for you. And be sure to be bold with your lipstick when it comes to a night out on the town such as with one of the beautiful lipsticks below; brick red for example is sure to make your complexion pop!


When it comes to your hair..

You’ll find dark, warm browns, chestnuts, rich golden browns and auburn, warm gold and red highlights, and golden blond shades look best on you. Any colour with a red or golden base is going to work very nicely. Highlighting is a brilliant solution to adding warm tones to your hair without transforming your whole look immediately. They can also be built up or filtered down to create a more dramatic or subtle look. Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at some beautiful highlights from Anne’s collection ‘Colour Motion’.

Highlighting with golden blondes,copper streaks or golden brown shades is going to work best with colours to avoid being blue, violet, (beige) and ash based based hair colors as these will wash out your skin.


And if you’re cool

If you’re a cool colour then sticking to jewel-toned makeup and clothing, including blue, purple, blue-green, green, magenta, and bluish-red shades is best. Your cosmetics will work best for you with bluish or pink undertones and be sure that you stick with classic black mascara, the contrast with your eye colour will look sensational.


And when it comes to your hair..

Naturally cool people should avoid hair colours that throw off warmth in the light such as gold, yellow, red and bronze tones. The warm colours will have a tendency to drain a cool colour individual.

The best hair colours for the cool characters are raven-wing blacks, cool ash browns and cool blondes in shades ranging from mink to platinum and icicle white. Highlights look stunning in wheat, taupe or ash shades. The base should always be neutral, ash and beige when you are looking for a hair colour and bare in mind that if you are lightening darkened hair then it can be prone to being very warm under the layers of colour so you may need to visit your salon to have the hair toned regularly. This is relatively inexpensive and the only way to keep the hair in a cool tone. You’re also lucky as many exciting unnatural and fashion hair colors like lipstick or cherry reds, and burgundies will work well for you!

 And finally, these tips can be a very useful guide but don’t forget rules are made to be broken and you may find doing the opposite works for you. Let’s not forget that fashion and style is art and when it comes to art there is no right & wrong!