Create the perfect curl at home…ever wondered why there are so many different types of curler? Wands, Tongs, Straighteners, Rollers…the list goes on. Well there is a reason! The tool you select to create your curls has everything to do with the size and shape of the look that you create. So if every time that you’ve tried to curl your hair, it has ended in disaster it may simply be that – Yes, you are doing it wrong! Using the wrong tools and technique is self sabotage in the curl stakes..

This guide will give you all of the know-how to begin creating the perfect curls at home with the right tools, get practising..



Tong/Curling Iron

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A tong is perfect to create large curls and waves that are of a strong structure and shape. You can opt for the curler that tapers to a point or a wider barrel with a clip to help you style. The benefit of a curler which becomes narrower at the point allows you to work closer to the scalp for body and volume. A wider barrel will create larger, looser curls and the clip aspect will hold your hair in place as you give the curl time to be heated. Both types of tong are suited for straight and curly hair including whether you want to only add curl to the ends or if you’re going all out for retro bubble curls.


Hair: Anne Veck for Anne Veck Salons, Assisted by Aneta Kucinska, Kelly Munt, Rita Szabo Make-up: Ewa Pietra Photography: Barry Jeffery Styling: Kate Jeffery Styling Products: Design Pulse by Matrix



Image result for revlon straightenerIronic much? Maybe. But if you like Boho beach waves then this is the tool for you. In honesty the technique can take a bit of practice to perfect or you can end up with lines heated into the hair which do not look great. The hair needs to be sectioned and rotated by half (flip the straighteners upwards and over for more bounce). You must then slowly glide the straighteners down vertically, taking care that you’re not applying to much pressure which can create a stop-start motion and cause lines. Use straighteners with wide plates in thicker, longer hair and narrower in shorter.


Hair by Anne Veck for Anne Veck Salons, assisted by Idera Roberts Photography by Rob Wilkinson Make-up by Sarah Heap Stylist Monica Hadi Added hair Matrix Styling products Design Pulse by Matrix


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These tools will can create a gentle or heat free curl that the condition of your hair will love. You can buy all sorts of rollers including spongy sleep in, aluminium and velvet, foam & wire, velcro, & larger heated rollers. The way that you roll these curlers into your hair will have a lot to do with the size and set of the curl. The thinner, foam curlers roll into very tight curls that you can sleep with and when you unroll will create volume like you’ve never seen ! (Use caution when trying out these rollers and definitely have a trial run before you use them for an occasion as the curls can go a bit mad if not rolled carefully)! If you want lift away from your root then the general rule is to section the hair, brush it up & roll the curler from the tips to under the root of your hair. The opposite applies for less volume – when applying rollers the general rule is the larger the section the less tight the curl and vice versa. This method of curling takes way more styling time and for best results you should sleep with the rollers in or wear as you hair sets after blow-drying.




Round Brush



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Admittedly, this technique requires a lot of skill and if you’re not used to blow-drying then it will take a bit of practice but the results are well worth it. You can help yourself along by using rollers to set your hair as it cools once you’ve created a curl with the round brush. Dry your hair to 80% before applying heat protection to the mid lengths and ends. Then section the hair and work your way through with the round brush, turning the ends out while drying. Try to keep the brush moving and rolling between your finger tips to avoid applying too much heat to only one part of the hair. Set in rollers and lightly mist some hairspray for prep and bounce or go  Farrah Fawcett rolls.

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Northern Lights Hair: Anne Veck for Anne Veck Salons Make-up: Ewa Pietra Photography: Barry Jeffery Styling: Kate Jeffery Styling products: Design Pulse by Matrix