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Your hair needs extra special care during the Winter months…


Taking care of your hair throughout winter can be  a bit of a battle! A lot of people notice the condition of their hair deteriorating but do not realise that this is directly down to the cold weather and heating systems that come hand in hand with winter. Don’t worry, there’s no need to panic – we’re here with our helpful guide on how to tweak your hair care routine so keep your condition optimised throughout the challenges of winter (because the cold is bad enough, right?!)


Ensure that your products keep your hair hydrated

Ask your stylist to recommend a great quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair hydrated and shining. The winter weather will cause your hair and scalp to dry out much faster than in summer so an added tip is to try and get an extra day out of your hair before you wash it. Use lukewarm water to rinse rather than hot because this will reduce frizz and dryness. Condition absolutely every time that you wash your hair and only apply to the mid lengths and ends, keeping the hair moist and supple is the key to avoiding breakage

  • If your hair is naturally dry then, for an extra shine boost add a weekly hydrating or conditioning mask to your hair care routine*

Try your hairdryer on cool

Over drying your hair by using your dryer on the hot setting after every time that you wash will leave it frizzy and damaged. Try allowing your hair to dry naturally in winter or if this is a no-can-do then dry to 80/90% with the hair dryer on a cool setting so that you are not exposing your hair to too much heat, the extra styling time is worth it to keep your hair healthy.


Don’t leave your house with wet hair

Not only is this a nightmare for your health (come on, you’re basically asking for a cold!) but the cold weather can freeze your hair fibre which causes breakage. Remember that your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet so make sure it is totally dry before exposing it to any extreme weather.


Take care with the heat

Curling tongs and hair straighteners are only going to add to your hairs’ dryness which is already aggravated by the winter weather. Use professional quality heated stylers that have temperature control and always use heat protection cream or spray. Investing in a quality styler that does not get too hot will make sure that you’re not subjecting your hair to too much heat and causing unnecessary damage.


Oil it up

Apply oil to your hair after washing and mid-week if the ends are looking dry. You can hydrate your hair with a weekly hot oil treatment or apply it to the mid lengths and ends of your hair as part of your routine after washing and before styling. If you want to stay natural then you can try coconut oil or avocado oil as both are known to work wonders.


Don’t neglect your cut

Keep getting your hair trimmed throughout winter to avoid any split ends being exaggerated. Having regular trims stops any existing damage from spreading further up your hair and keeps your length even and shiny, anything from 6-12 weeks can be regular enough depending on how you treat your hair.