New Year’s Hair Resolutions

It’s a new year! We don’t want to come over cliche so we’ll avoid the new you schpiel…however, it may be time to make some New Year’s Hair Resolutions so that 2017 is the best year for your hair yet. It doesn’t mean that you need a full blown make over, maybe you’ll opt to work on the condition or go for that colour that you’ve been umming and ahhing over. We’ve chosen our favourite hair resolutions, so pick one and stick to it – we dare you!

Be Daring

If you’ve seen a colour or a cut that has caught your eye but you’re too afraid to try it then now is the time. Push yourself a little and take a step out of your comfort zone – you know what they say, it’s a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there! It’s time to try new things and see what you’re capable of, you never know where this new daring attitude could take you.

Invest some time in styling

Do you go to bed at night full off good intentions and then snooze the alarm so there’s really no time for any sort of styling? Well it’s time to get rid of that attitude! Putting a little extra time and care into your morning hair routine will fill you with extra confidence and allow you to see your hair at its best. Time to stop snoozing and be a little more productive!

Take care of your products

If you’re running low on a good product then invest in another and don’t be afraid to try new things, ask your stylist for the perfect recommended product for your hair type and go for it. Not only this but get rid of old expired products that are way past their best – if you haven’t used them within the last week or so, you’re not likely to use them again so be merciless and chuck it out. Think a solid, small collection of quality products over quantity.

 Throw out the stereotypes

If you have something that you would love to try with your hair but going against the stereotype of what suits your age or style is holding you back then it’s time to let go of those self imposed restrictions and do EXACTLY what you want to with your hair. Going against the grain and opting for something different is liberating and can produce the coolest results – think Vivienne Westwood’s vibrant red or Carl Lagerfeld’s slick white pony tail. Is it conventional for people over 60 to opt for these styles? Probably not. Does it look good? Of course it does!

 Set aside time for a weekly steam & treatment

Now when we say steam, we don’t mean your face. Set some time aside to get your hair nice and supple by opting for a deep conditioning treatment finished off under the steamer, Steaming the hair allows the follicles to open up and absorb maximum moisture from the treatment which does amazing things for suppleness and shine. You can arrange this with your stylist, invest in a steamer or even leave the treatment on in a hot shower for around 15 minutes for the effects to take hold.

 Schedule my hair routine

If you don’t tend to be that organised but feel like you could benefit from some routine then why not start with your locks? Great hair does after all set you up for the greatest of days. When you visit your stylist ask to book in every appointment you need for the next 6 months, even if it’s just an 8 weekly trim then having it in the book will make sure you stick to it and do your hair wonders.

Be comfortable in imperfect styles

Maybe you’re the type who always has to leave the house without a hair out of place? If so then this resolution could be for you. Try and relax a little, go for a laid back style every now and then – having a tidy face and if you like make-up, then make up done will make your style look like effortless styling rather than you’ve just rolled out of bed.

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