Our hair forecast for 2017…it’s a new year and now you have your hair resolutions firmly in hand it’s time for us to make a few predictions of what will be staying and becoming hot for hair this year. We’ve scanned the catwalks, celebrity style and editorials and come up with the following styles that will be big for the coming year…

Smooth & Sleek

It’s a 90’s trend that has already been spotted on the catwalks for the past few seasons but is set to be huge in mainstream style for 2017. Time to get yourself a centre parting and use those straighteners (with heat protection of course) and get yourself some poker straight shiny hair. It is vital to note that this will only look good on even, healthy hair so don’t make a habit of it but use the style as a bit of a change or to pull together an outfit – Gigi and Bella Hadid make a great job of it.


Super High Pony

Sticking with straight hair we’re suggesting you get that hair slicked all the way up to the crown of your head. You can opt to smooth it all back so that it’s a little sci-fi or opt for a little more rumpled effect for those that prefer TO HAVE a hair out of place. If your hair is a little on the short side then consider some extensions for an A lister look.

Flat Waves

We see a change from big or beachy waves over to relaxed waves that you create with a straightener for a far more laid back look. The effect is more subtle and understated and can be done by simply bending the hair and clamping in the straighteners, leave the ends to be straight.

Long, LONG Hair

OTT length isn’t going anywhere fast, the Kardashians love this look as does Jourdan Dunn and super long extensions always appeal to us when we’re feeling very girly! The hair is worn straight and in a center parting for the Cher effect and you can go for some temporary clip in extensions for thickness and length if you prefer to change your look. If you try out the length and love it then why not go for the more permanent bonded extensions?

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Slick and Shiny

Slick, shiny hair worn by celebs such as the Kardashians and spotted all over New York fashion week works when the hair looks as if you’ve just stepped out of the shower. Part the hair and tuck behind the ears before working some gel or styling cream from the roots to mid length in order to hold the hair in place and keep it wet look. This is a high fashion look for those that enjoy the WOW effect when stepping out!