Hair Extensions and Additions – All you need to know!

There are a lot of common worries and concerns that clients have before going for extensions aka additions but rest assured that along with a professional application and premium quality hair, extensions are 100% safe for you and your hair. Most people have a hair hang up and professional hair extensions can offer a solution to most; for both men and women.par3

Hair extensions were once considered a luxury reserved only for the rich and famous but huge demand has brought them to the mainstream market and this means that extensions services are quickly becoming one of the most requested treatments within professional salons.

Developments in stylist’s skills and resources mean that there are very few limits when it comes to what hair extensions/additions can now do. We are able to offer them to both men and women for thickness, length, volume, colour – or even all 4!


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You can also choose between short term and long term solutions for your hair. All of our hair is custom matched to your exact colour for the most natural and seamless blend. Hair is also available in a wide variety of lengths and thickness meaning that you get exactly the look you’re going for. You can then opt to have hair as clip in wefts so that the extensions come in and out whenever you fancy or bonded with protein meaning that the hair is permanently attached to your own so that you have luscious locks 24/7.

If you do opt for clip in wefts these can also be bonded to your hair at a later date if you decide that you would like the hair to be fixed constantly. Apart from wefts we have hair that can be ordered according to weight and then custom bonded to your hair in individual strands. This is perfect for people with finer hair that would struggle with the weight of standard clip in extensions or some people simply prefer single bonds!

When a potential extension client is not professionally assessed some unqualified extensionists may apply hair without considering the extra weight that this will put on to a client’s natural hair. This can mean hair is too heavy causing tension spots where the extra hair weighs too heavily on the natural strands meaning that there is strain on the scalp. When left alone this can cause pain and hair loss which is why it is always so important to good hair health to invest in a quality, professional application. Saving a bit of money is not worth your hair’s health!

If you do have finer hair then this is no reason not to have extensions which can create either thicker or longer hair – or even both ! Light weight hair will usually be applied evenly throughout your natural hair in order to distribute the weight of the extra hair in a way that looks natural and is good for your hair and this includes both males and females!

Extensions are also an amazing option for people looking to improve their hair health and grow it long too ! Extension hair offers the perfect barrier to heated styling as it actually cocoons the natural hair, meaning that when curling or straightening hair it is the extension hair that is subjected to the most heat – protecting your natural hair from harmful heat damage.



Hair by Anne Veck

Maintenance for bonded extensions is on average between 6-8 weeks and involves the hair simply being moved in order to share out the weight bearing hair and also move the extensions back towards the scalp as your regrowth means that the hair naturally moves down .
We now offer celebrity favourite Gold Class Extensions (click here for more) as well as Balmain Hair Couture in salon so do book a consultation – just £20 but refunded if you go ahead with any service! Or pop in for an informal chat.For more info on our extensions services click here.

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