Troublesome blemishes, breakouts and acne are supposed to be gone from our lives after school right? If only! If you have spot prone skin try following these simple tips to keep your skin clean and breakouts at bay!


1. Thou shalt not touch! – The satisfaction that comes from squeezing a spot is only temporary. You’ll actually cause further  inflammation, scarring and acne.  So spend less time in front of the mirror and try not to obsess, it will go away naturally – promise!



2. Clean your phone screen – Your make-up, oils from your skin & hair product residue all come in direct contact with your screen as do germs from anywhere you may have decided to rest your phone! The warm screen of your phone is a perfect breeding ground for germs which then get passed onto your skin, clogging your pores. Ew. So take care to disinfect your phone screen daily to keep your skin clean and clear.
3. Practice prevention – If you have acne prone skin then it needs treatment when it’s at it’s best. Wash, cleanse and tone your entire face and neck morning and night plus remember to always use a good quality moisturiser to finish. This is especially important with oily skin, if your skin is dry from the toner it will begin to overproduce oil even more so than usual which can lead to breakouts. You can always go with non-greasy and oil free moisturisers if your skin is especially sensitive. Bonus tip – wash & swap your pillowcases regularly!
4. Use high quality products with proven success. Products with Benzoyl Peroxide, glycolic acid or salicylic acid work well against acne but do take a little time to work. Stick with them and use them for at least 6 weeks before making a decision on if they’re working for you.


5. Drink more water! It’s old advice, but it’s also stood the test of time. Make sure you get your fill of water, aim to drink 2 litres daily. It clears and flushes out toxins to keep your skin cells hydrated and healthy!